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Clark 10/22 Match Grade .920" super light bluted bull match barrel ruger 10/22 10 22
Bull Barrels
10/22 Rifle
Laminate Stocks:
Clark Laminated 10/22 Heritage Stock Bull Barrel or Standard Taper
Clark Thumbhole Silhouette Stock Laminate Bull Barrel
10/22 Laminate Stock Thumbhole Lightweight NPC Bull Barrel
Ruger 10/22® Rifle / Charger® Parts

Deluxe Trigger Kit

Tactical Solutions Mag Release

Buy a complete gun or have us work on yours.
All above parts work in Ruger's Charger® pistol and 10/22 Rifle
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#CLK-740 $ 15.00
Clark 10/22
Extended Magazine Release

Extra Long For Easy Reloads

Aluminum magazine release is drilled, tapped, and fitted with a steel extension thatís nearly an inch long. Rounded end naturally fills the contour of your finger for easy location; lets you find it fast, so you can drop and reload quickly and conveniently.

SPECS: Specify Black or Silver finish.
Extends 7/8" (22.2mm) from bottom of receiver.
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Clark Hard Anodized CNC Machined
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Trigger with
Overtravel Screw

(silver trigger pictured)
Clark Drop-in 10/22 Hammer/Trigger Kits
Drop-In parts greatly reduce trigger pull and reduce creep. Trigger has built in overtravel adjustment. Includes match hammer and trigger. Pull weight ~3.0 to 3.5 lbs. (black trigger pictured)
CLK-742 Clark Match Trigger with Overtravel Adjustment Screw
all rifles - specify BLACK or SILVER
CLK-743 Clark Standard Drop-in Trigger Kit
22 LR Only (specify Black or Silver)
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#CLK-744 $ 10.00
Clark 10/22 Tuned Extractor

Tuned extractor insures positive extraction from match chambers.
Recommended with all match grade barrels.
22 Long Rifle or 22 Magnum

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#CLK-748 $ 10.00
Clark 10/22 Speed Bolt Release

Modified bolt release allows bolt to be released from the locked position by simply pulling the bolt to the rear and releasing.
(Standard Feature on all Clark 10/22 Rifle conversions)
Specify 22 Long Rifle or 22 Magnum

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#CLK-746 $ 10.00
Clark Bore Guide for Heavy Barrel 10/22
Prevents Crown Damage, Helps Maintain Accuracy
Slips over the muzzle, guides the cleaning rod and helps prevent rifling and/or crown damage that can destroy rimfire accuracy. Machined from Delrin & includes a wear resistant brass bushing that lengthens rod life. SPECS: Delrin plastic, black. 10/22 22 LR - .920" (23mm) I.D.

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