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News...Offering barrels, conversions on customer's Ruger 10/22 and 77/22 Magnum rifles and Clark Custom Ruger 77/17 HMR Bolt Rifle.
05/11/2011 17 HMR conversions & parts no longer available on 10/22 Magnum rifles.
02/20/06 Ruger has announced that the Ruger 10/22 Magnum redesign has been put on the "backburner". Until the 10/22 Magnum Semi-Auto Rifle goes into production again, we will only be offering the CLARK 17 HMR Complete Gun in BOLT Action only.
01/14/03 Happy New Year!!! - Good News - We've found a couple of blue barrels that got buried under the stainless ones. Call now to get yours. We've got
1 - 20" .920" round blue and
1 - 18.5" Midweight Blue barrel
both for the 10/22
01/14/03 Stainless barrels are back at their regular price but we can now offer blackening at a discounted rate of $ 50.
$ 50 OFF still applies to Sporter Magnum 10/22 Laminate Stocks!
12/26/02 Huge response to this new product! Blue barrels sold out in 3 weeks. Expect more blue barrels at the beginning of March. Currently offering $ 50.00 off stainless .17 barrels! and $ 50.00 off of our Laminate SPORTER Magnum 10/22 stocks!
12/03/02 Barrel blanks have finally arrived!!! We're machining them to ship to customers and build rifles. We expect to begin filling barrel orders next week. All orders placed before the 1st of the year get 2002 pricing.
11/20/02 Barrels are in the country and are expected to clear customs tomorrow. They should be arriving at our shop just before or after Thanksgiving.
10/01/2002 As a temporary measure, we have 10 barrels on the way expected to arrive at our shop 10/8/2002. They're 18.7" stainless steel. We will now accept pre-orders on these barrels.
Our barrels are on the slow boat from Germany and should arrive here in about 6 weeks. It should take us a week or two after that to have a finished product ready to ship. Standard Barrel Length 21.5". They'll be offered in Blue or Stainless Steel and priced the same as our other barrels.
07/23/2002 Success! The 10/22 and 77/22 have been successfully converted to 17 HMR. They're functioning reliably and shooting accurately as expected. We've ordered barrels and should have you nailing prairie dogs @ 200 yards before the end of the year.
6/24/2002 Test barrels are finally here. R&D will commence. Check back here frequently for news of our findings.
4/11/2002 The reamer arrived today.