updated 01/02/2014
What's .460 Rowland?
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Wolff Recoil Spring - $ 8
2 piece Guide Rod Kit $ 20
clark custom 1911 compensatory kit drop in  .45 acp .460 rowland
1911 Drop In Compensator Kits
clark custom 1911 drop in compensator kit  460 Rowland 1911
460 Rowland Kit $ 295
45 ACP Kit $ 255
Completely assembled and ready to drop in your 1911 style pistol.
45 ACP kit includes barrel, bushing, link, link pin, and Clark compensator.
460 Rowland kit also includes our 2 piece recoil spring guide, Wolff 24 lb recoil spring & extra power firing pin spring and 20 lb recoil spring.
400 Cor-Bon kits (ramped & unramped) have been discontinued. Call for remaining stock.
No fitting or gunsmithing required to get the increased muzzle control and accuracy of our dual port compensators and match grade barrel. Comp helps control recoil and muzzle flip for improved accuracy and a faster follow up shot. Match grade, cut rifled barrel and pre-fit bushing provide a close fit on most slides for increased accuracy, function and reliability.

SPECS: .45 ACP Kit includes: 5 3/8" stainless barrel, threaded .575"-40 tpi, compensator, barrel bushing, #2 link and pin. Increases pistol length by 1½" (3.8cm). Fully chambered.
.460 kit additionally includes 2 piece full-length guide rod, Wolff 20 lb. and 24 lb. recoil springs, extra-power firing pin spring, recoil spring plug, guide rod hex wrench, bushing wrench, and installation instructions.
*California & Connecticut residents may request "pin & weld" for additional $ 25

Description 45 ACP 460 Rowland
Standard Blue CLK-165-45-01 CLK-165-460-01
Standard Stainless CLK-165-45-02 CLK-165-460-02
Gold Cup / Enhanced Blue* CLK-165-45-03 CLK-165-460-03
Gold Cup / Enhanced Stainless* CLK-165-45-04 CLK-165-460-04
Commander Blue CLK-165-45-05 CLK-165-460-05
Commander Stainless CLK-165-45-06 CLK-165-460-06
Commander Gold Cup / Enhanced Blue* CLK-165-45-03 CLK-165-460-03
Commander Gold Cup / Enhanced Stainless* CLK-165-45-04 CLK-165-460-04
* Applicable only to Colt Brand 1911 style pistols. If your Colt serial number ends with the letter "E", it is an enhanced model.
.45 ACP drop-in comp
kit installed on a Springfield Armory 1911-A1

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.45 ACP Only
5" .45 ACP Drop In Stainless Barrel w/ link & bushing
$ 195
specify blue or stainless steel bushing

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