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Some unsolicited comments from satisfied customers.
"...Meltdown arrived safe and sound. I have been able to get about a 100 rounds through it so far... and each group is better than the one preceeding. It's truly a great gun and I sincerely look forward to realizing its full potential. "
by e-mail - Dennis Lajter
I continue to "salivate and drool" when I fire this fine CCG meltdown "masterpiece".
C. Campbell - Blossom,Tx.
"...I love my officers meltdown. Carry it a lot and its very comfortable. Shoots like a dream. "
by e-mail - John DeWilde
"Your quality speaks for itself. ... last night I shot the finest group in my life with that gun! Archie and Clark Guns are the premier pistolsmiths in the country. That is why I drive 4 hours to come and visit. In fact, I am saving up my money to have Archie build me another one. Thanks for all of your service,"
by e-mail - Donovan Stovall
318 949 9884
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NOTICE: We will not work on any 1911 manufactured in the Phillipines.