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Rimfire Semi-Auto Parts
Ruger MkI, MkII, MkIII * Ruger 22/45 * S&W 41

Ruger Mk II III 2245 collage semi-auto rimfire pistol smith & wesson S&W Model 41 22 long rifle semi auto pistol
Ruger MkI, MkII, MkIII - 22/45 Smith & Wesson 41
Clark Ruger Match Grade Barrel  MkI MkII MkIII
Match Barrels

Clark Custom Smith & Wesson Model 41  Match Grade Barrel  with Integral Scope Base Rail Mount
Match Barrels
Exclusive Clark Match Grade drop-in barrel with integral
scope rail for S&W Model 41 gives instant results.
Other Ruger Parts
Trigger, Oversized Pins, Grips,
Bore Guide, Scope Mounts



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Factory Barrels
Factory Magazines
Customizing the Ruger MKII
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Ruger Barrels
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Clark Ruger .22 Semi-Auto Match Pistol Barrels

500 Series barrels fit the Ruger MK I, MK II, and 22/45 models. Barrels are completely turned (.875" OD), threaded, chambered, crowned, polished, and finished. They are made from Walther premium blanks, and are available in chrome-moly (blue) or stainless steel. They are offered with or without a replaceable, serrated-ramp, undercut, patridge, front sight. Barrel lengths offered are 5-1/2" and 6-1/4". The 6-1/4" models are pictured with an optional compensator / muzzle brake. Installation requires lathe work.

CLK-500-5.5 5.5" Blue Bull Barrel $150.00
CLK-500-SS-5.5 5.5" Stainless Bull Barrel $180.00
CLK-500-6.25 6.25" Blue Barrel $190.00
CLK-500-SS-6.25 6.25" Stainless Barrel $220.00
Optional front sight + $ 95
Optional muzzle brake (6.25" barrel only) + $ 100
Custom Barrel lengths are available. Call for quote.
Optional threading $ 125 + $ 25 for protector (1/2 x 28)

Miscellaneous Ruger Parts
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Match Steel Trigger
Hammer Pin/Hammer
Bushing Kit
Weaver Style Scope Base
CLK-510 Clark Match Steel Trigger Details Fits MkI, MkII & MkIII $30.00
MKI/MKII Grip. DISCONTINUED - No longer available
CLK-515B Clark Blue Oversized Hammer Pin & Hammer Bushing Kit. Details $ 20.00
CLK-515SS Clark Stainless Oversized Hammer Pin & Hammer Bushing Kit $ 20.00
Clark Oversized Sear Pin & Hammer Bushing (22/45 ONLY) not pictured
CLK-516 Clark MKII Heavy Barrel Bore Guide $12.00
CLK-518 Clark MKII / MkIII Custom Front Sight
photo installed front sight (gun/barrel not included)
CLK-520 Clark Weaver Style Scope Base (Black). Details - Back in Stock! $ 30.00 $20.00
CLK-520-SS Clark Weaver Style Scope Base (Silver). Details Sold Out $ 30.00 $20.00

OEM Ruger Factory Rimfire Pistol Magazines
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Ruger Mark II Magazine 90046 M-10
Model # Description
In Stock
Ruger M-10 Ruger Factory 10 round magazine fits MkII (Catalog No. 90046)
$ 27.95
Ruger M-9 Ruger Factory 9 round magazine fits MK I (Catalog No. 90062)
$ 27.95
Ruger AP-10 Ruger Factory 10 round magazine fits MkII 22/45 (Catalog No. 90045)
$ 27.95
Ruger M-10MkIII Ruger Factory 10 round magazine fits MkIII (Catalog No. 90231)
$ 27.95
Ruger AP-10MkIII Mark III™ 22/45™ Blued Magazine (Catalog No. 90229)
$ 27.95



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Clark Custom Guns DVD Video Customizing the Ruger MkII Promotional Video X0111 Customizing the Ruger MKII VHS Details $19.95 Clark Custom Guns DVD Video Ruger MkII Disassembly reassembly
X0111D Customizing the Ruger MKII DVD. Details $24.95
X0114 Complete Ruger .22 Pistol Disassembly / Reassembly VHS Details $19.95
X0114D Complete Ruger .22 Pistol Disassembly / Reassembly DVD. Details $24.95

Smith & Wesson Model 41 Barrels
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Clark/S&W Model 41 Match Barrels
CLK-570 Series
Barrels are machined from custom oversized Shilen blanks.
Featuring Clark’s EXCLUSIVE match chamber and crown.
New and Improved Picatinny Rail.
Weight Chart
Bullseye/Optic Model: The Integral scope base is milled into the barrel. The scope ring mounting slots are milled the entire length of the barrel and top strap.
STC Model: The Integral scope base is milled into the barrel. The absence of the top strap over the ejection port eliminates the possibility of trapping cases on the top strap during firing.
RIB Model: 5.5" Bullseye Optic barrel with Aristocrat Rib (#CLK-570-RBO) photo or 5.5" STC Model Barrel with Aristocrat Rib (#CLK-570-RSTC)

STC Model (specify 5.5" or 6.5" ength)
Optional Threading available only on STC models -
1/2 x 28 $ 150 (includes thread protector) PHOTO
Thread ONLY $125 / Protector $ 25
CLK-570-BO Bullseye Optic Model (specify 5.5" or 6.5" length) $375.00
CLK-570-RBO 5.5" Bullseye Optic w/Aristocrat Rib attached (photo) $575.00
CLK-570-RSTC 5.5" STC Model Barrel w/Aristocrat Rib attached (not pictured) $525.00
CLK-570-STD Standard Model with Bo-Mar Rear Sight $ 425.00
Smith & Wesson Model 41 Factory Barrels New Take OFFS
$ 325.00
# S&W 1905
Smith & Wesson Factory 10 round magazine

(Limited Quantities in Stock!!!)
$ 34.99
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Herrett Walnut Grips S&W Model 41
Herrett Walnut Checkered Grips (photo)
$ 49.95
Herrett Trainer FLAT Walnut Checkered Grips (photo 1) (photo 2)
$ 89.95

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5.5 STC
13.5 ounces
5.5 Bullseye Optic
15 ounces
6.5 STC
17 ounces
6.5 Bullseye Optic
18.5 ounces
Factory Smith & Wesson 41 5.5 5 bull barrel weight 21.5 ounces
FOR Reference ONLY:
Factory 5.5" S&W 41 Barrel (pictured above) weighs approximately 21.5 ounces.
Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm CST