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Clark Custom
Smith & Wesson Model 41

Smith & Wesson Model 41 Clark Custom C-More STS Built in Scope ramil mount
STC - Sportsmans Team Challenge
pictured with optional C-More STS
Clark Custom S&W 41 Hard Chrome Smith & Wesson Model 41 Built in Scope rail mount
pictured w/ optional hard chrome
Bullseye Optic 6.5"
Standard Features Prices Barrel Details
S&W 41
Individual Services
Trigger Job * Reliability Package
S&W 41 Parts
Buy the barrel and do it yourself or have your local gunsmith install.
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Ordering a Complete Gun

Scope Mounting Suggestions (5.5" Bullseye Optic barrel pictured below)
Action Arms Ultra Dot 30mm
4 Dot using Millett Weaver Style Angle-Loc Rings
Action Arms Ultra Dot 30mm
4 Dot using Millett Weaver Style Angle-Loc Rings
C-More Railway
C-More STS
Action Arms UltraDot LT
Action Arms Match Dot
using supplied rings
click to enlarge
If you wish to mount your scope as far back as possible, we suggest that you purchase the STC barrel and use 2 rings at the front as pictured on top.

5.5" STC Drilled and Tapped for
C-More Slide Ride
5.5" bullseye optic barrel
5.5" STC barrel

click photo to enlarge
NOTE; The slot at the back of the bullseye optic barrel is not as deep as the others. Most factory rings will not seat fully in the back slot. Brands of rings that will fully seat include Millett Angle-Loc Weaver Style and Weaver brand rings.






Standard Features (S&W Model 41)

Trigger Job with crisp 2 to 2.5 pound pull.
Installation of Clark match bull barrel.
Reliability package (See Explanation Below).
Function and accuracy test (X-Ring (1 5/8" @ 50 yards)

Sight Options (S&W Model 41)

Reliability Package (S&W Model 41)
  • Throat & polish barrel ramp for reliable feeding,
  • Tune extractor for positive ejection,
  • Debur and polish internal parts and tune/test with 1 magazine.
    Additional mags tuned and tested for $ 25.00 each.


Barrel Details (S&W Model 41)

Installation of a Clark match barrel is a standard feature on all of our Smith & Wesson 41 conversions. Three barrel configurations are available as follows:

  • STC Model (#CLK-570-STC) - Absence of top strap greatly reduces the possibility of trapped cases. Weaver style Scope base is an integral part of the barrel. Choose 5.5" or 6.5"
  • Bullseye / Optic Model (#CLK-570-BO) - Top strap extends over ejection port just like factory barrel. Weaver style Scope base is an integral part of the barrel. Choose 5.5" or 6.5"
  • Standard Model (#CLK-570-STD) - DISCONTINUED (Alternative - SW41-RIB pictured below)

Clark Custom Smith & Wesson Model 41 22 Long Rifle Semi-Auto Pistol Steel Bullseye Built in Scope rail mountSW41-RIB
(click photo to enlarge - opens in new window)
Smith & Wesson Model 41 Prices
Catalog Number Barrel Option Conversion Price Complete Gun Price
Sportsmans Team Challenge
$ 660.00
$ 1,695.00
Bullseye Optic
$ 760.00
$ 1,795.00
5.5" Bullseye Optic barrel +
Aristocrat Rib
$ 995.00
$ 1,995.00
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Additional S&W Factory magazines available.
(Magazine prices do NOT include any tuning or function testing)
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Optional Services
Tune / testing on additional magazines $ 25
Hard Chrome (frame & slide - Photo as pictured above) $ 225
Hard Chrome Entire Gun $ 295
Diamond BLACK Ionbond (frame & slide assy) $ 325
Diamond BLACK Ionbond Entire pistol $ 395
+ $ 100 other ionbond colors (Grey, Flat Dark Earth, or Copper)
Thread barrel 1/2 x 28 (includes thread protector) STC models only Photo $ 150
Drill & tap for C-More Slide Ride $ 75 (STC models only)

Options to Conversion on Customer Gun
Replacement Breech face (if necessary) $ 75
Reliability Work & Testing with your original factory barrel $ 75

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