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460 Ammo
460 Brass

460 Rowland Reloading
Data / Chart

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Powder Charge
WT Velocity Pressure
Feet Per Second
C.U.P. Overall Length
NOSLER 185 JHP AA NO.5 - 14.5 grains 
1503 FPS
38,400 1.250 IN. **
Hornady 185 JSWC Hodgdon Longshot 12 grains
1413 FPS
34,700 1.240 IN. 
Hornady 185 JSWC Hodgdon Longshot 13.5 gr.
1503 FPS
38,800 1.240 IN. **
Speer 200 JHP Hodgdon Longshot 12 grains
1372 FPS 
34,300 1.225 IN.
SPEER 200 JHP AA NO.5 - 13.5 grains
1437 FPS
38,400 1.190 IN. **
Speer 200 JHP Hodgdon Longshot 13.8 gr.
1456 FPS 
39,400 1.225 IN. **
HORNADY 230 AA NO.5 - 12.5 grains
1342 FPS
39,400 1.250 IN. **
Hornady 230 XTP Hodgdon Longshot 10 grains
1207 FPS
32,200 1.27O IN. 
Hornady 230 XTP Hodgdon Longshot 12 grains
1336 FPS
39,200 1.27O IN. **
Use EXTREME caution when handloading. Always start out below maximum published loads and work up from there. Eye Protection should ALWAYS be worn when reloading. All loading data contained within this web site is the result of testing by Johnny Rowland. This data proved safe in his testing. Clark Custom Guns, Inc. has no control over the components and equipment which may be used with this published information, no responsibility is implied or assumed for results obtained through its use.
We stock Georgia Arms Ammunition
Buffalo Bore Ammo and Starline Brass

ORDER @ 318 949 9884 M-F 7 am - 4 pm CST

Case and Load Info
The 460 ROWLAND has external dimensions identical to the .45 ACP case with the exception of length. The 460 case is approximately 1/16th an inch longer (460 ROWLAND case length is .957 in.) than the .45 ACP case to prevent chambering in an unmodified .45 ACP gun with safety as a prime consideration. Internally, the 460 ROWLAND case is much stronger than the .45 ACP case with an entirely different design and pressure capacity. Loading information for the 460 should NEVER!!!! be interchanged or substituted in .45 ACP cases; however, .45 ACP loads may be used in the 460 ROWLAND cases and fired in properly chambered guns with no apparent difficulty other than the possible need to reduce recoil spring pressure for satisfactory function in the semi autos. The 460 ROWLAND loaded round overall length is the same as the .45 ACP overall length to allow use of standard magazines and common accessories. We have established pressure limits for the 460 ROWLAND cartridge at or below 40,000 Copper Units of Pressure (C.U.P.) and believe this to be the optimum pressure limit for available guns and components. We want to extend our appreciation to the Accurate Arms Powders ballistics laboratory for assisting us with the following load data. All loads listed should be reduced 10% and gradually increased for each specific gun. The loads shown below should not be exceeded. Accurate Arms (primers: CCI 300 or Winchester WLP) (velocities taken from a 5 inch barrel) The 200 grain Hornady XTP really looks good. More loading information will soon be available. THIS IS THE BEST HANDGUN NEWS SINCE ELMER'S 44.

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