updated 10/22/2014
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Clark Double Rifle
.30-40 Krag .45-70 . 30/30 Winchester
.405 Winchester .450-400 . .375 Flanged
.450 Nitro Express 3 1/4" .470 Nitro Express . .500 Nitro Express
.22 Hornet .
Express Sights Scope Mount . Single Trigger
Select Wood Barrels Regulated for your load . Double Trigger
Built on CZ Ringneck or Bobwhite Shotgun (depending upon chosen caliber).
Barrels custom manufactured from Douglas blank. - (470 barrels made from Pac-Nor blank.)
Clark Double Rifle
Clark Double Rifle with Triple Leaf Rear sight
Clark Double Rifle
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Cape Buffalo taken with Clark Double Rifle
Clark Double Rifle with Ultra Dot LT Red Dot scope
Clark Double Rifle with Integral Swivel Holder
Clark Double Rifle

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Standard Barrel Length: 24"
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Clark .450 Nitro Express Double Rifle
Clark .450 Nitro Express 3 1/4" Double Rifle - Double Trigger, Straight Stock