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Services / General 1911 FAQ

What is included in your 1911 Accuracy Job?

What does your 1911 Trigger Job consist of?

What is included in your 1911 Reliability Package?

What is a 1911 Tune-Up?

What guns are suitable for 1911 conversions?

Can I make changes to my order after it is sent?

Factory OR Match Grade barrel?


An Accuracy Job involves all steps needed to make the barrel return to the same position after each shot and insure reliable function. Our standard ACCURACY JOB involves fitting the slide to frame to eliminate all horizontal and vertical play. Our ACCURACY JOB-SG includes the Clark slide guide. The Slide Guide is a 1/4" extension that is welded to the front of the dust cover. The extension has two set screws. By adjusting the screws, all horizontal and vertical movement of the slide is eliminated. The advantage of the slide guide method is that the slide is tight in the locked position but is free in the cycle mode. This enhances the function of the slide. Stainless pistols must use the Slide Guide method. We recommend the Slide Guide on all conversions except the Hard Ball model (not legal for Service Matches). The next step in both Accuracy Job methods is the fitting of the barrel. If a factory barrel is used, the hood and lugs are welded up to oversized dimensions. With factory or match barrel, the hood and lugs are then precision fitted and a match link and barrel bushing are installed. The barrel and frame are throated and polished to insure reliable feeding and the extractor and ejector are tuned. The pistol is then machine rest tested for accuracy and a target is furnished with each pistol.

Trigger jobs on 1911 style, single-stack pistols includes customers choice of a King or Videki trigger. Customer must specify trigger length as either short, long, long light, or extra long light. Trigger pull on the standard trigger job is 3.25 - 4.0 pounds except defense guns which are set between 4.0-4.5 pounds. With the use of the Clark Super-Lite hammer, trigger pull can be set between 2.0 - 2.5 pounds. The Super-Lite trigger job is available on all models for an additional $100.00.

A 1911 Reliability Package (1911-RELI) includes throating the barrel and polishing the feed ramp, lowering the ejection port (already done on many current models), tuning the extractor and ejector, tuning one (1) magazine, and function testing. Additional magazines can be included at additional cost. It is very important that the magazine be included in this package. We find that 90% of "gun trouble" is really "magazine trouble". Reliability Package is included with all Accuracy Jobs.

A Clark accurized gun has had all moving parts tightened and hand-fitted to close tolerances for maximum accuracy. Naturally, such close bearing surfaces will wear with extended use. This normal wear may result in some loss of fine accuracy and precision fitting of parts. However, a minimum of re-tightening and re-fitting will restore the gun to its original accuracy and smooth functioning qualities. Clark accurized gun owners who wish to keep their equipment in top shooting condition can take advantage of a special "tune-up package". A Clark Custom Tune-Up includes: (1) Re-tighten and refit of slide. Adjust slide guide. (2) Check barrel bushing fit. Replace if warranted. (3) Check barrel lugs and lock-up. Refit if warranted. (4) Check and tighten trigger mechanism and adjust to desired pull. (5) Function and accuracy test. Target supplied. This Tune-Up package applies only to Clark accurized guns with normal shooting wear. It does not include repairs for damage from accidents, abuse or neglect.

We will work on 1911 style pistols or frame kits produced by the following manufacturers; Colt, Springfield Armory, Caspian, Norinco, Essex, STI, SVI, and Para-Ordnance. All prices are based on receiving a complete, assembled gun in good functioning condition. If a frame, slide, or small parts are sent in, there will be a charge of $100.00 in addition to the conversion cost for fitting, installation, and testing prior to conversion work. IN ORDER TO KEEP OUR PRICES TO A MINIMUM, WE TAKE ALL UNUSED PARTS IN TRADE. THIS IS REFLECTED IN OUR CONVERSION PRICES. We will work on used firearms, but worn parts may be replaced at the discretion of the gunsmiths, and cost of parts will be added to the conversion

Please try to be sure of your desires when sending your initial order. A computer generated work order is produced for your firearm soon after is arrives. This work order outlines the details of the work to be performed and all necessary parts to be supplied. A printed copy of the work order, along with all necessary parts, are put with the firearm at this time. When changes are requested, the work order must be modified in the computer. We must then print a copy of the modified work order and make sure the original work order is replaced. If the changes involve parts, we must remove and restock the parts originally requested and replace with other parts. This process is time consuming and invites errors. However, we will allow one change (parts or services) free if work has not progressed too far. Additional changes will cost $25.00 each. Changes may be requested by phone, BUT WE WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ONLY FOR CHANGES THAT ARE REQUESTED IN WRITING.

All conversions are available with match barrels. However, conversions using factory barrels carry the same accuracy guarantee. A match grade barrel is simply a barrel with oversized hood and lugs to allow a custom fit with very close tolerances. As long as the bore is good, most factory barrels* can be made to shoot as well as match barrels by welding the hood and lugs to oversized dimensions and then refitting just as you would a match barrel. Jim Clark, Sr. began making match barrels in 1964, not because of accuracy problems with factory barrels, but because no one made a 6" barrel. Factory barrels are fine for Bullseye conversions using standard five inch slides in .45 ACP, 40 S&W, and 9mm calibers. A factory barrel is also satisfactory for our Custom Combat conversion in .45 ACP. However, because of the hotter loads that will be used with this model, our fully supported ramped barrels are used for all other calibers. Fully supported ramped barrels are also used for all Unlimited conversions.

*Springfield Armory factory barrels must be tested in our barrel fixture before being utilized in an accuracy job.