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What the Gun Barrel Stabilizer
Will and Will Not Do

The Gun Barrel Stabilizer WILL:

1. Commonly produce five shot, 100 yard groups at or below one inch with the best ammunition.

2. Improve the accuracy of all ammunition compatible with the rifle.

3. Easily mount and dismount without damage to the rifle or Gun Barrel Stabilizer using minimum heat from a propane torch.

The Gun Barrel Stabilizer WILL NOT:

1. Make all ammunition shoot into one inch at 100 yards. The Gun Barrel Stabilizer provides an absolute rather than proportional decrease in group size. In other words, if type A ammunition shoots into 8 inches at 100 yards without a Stabilizer, then it might shoot into 5 inches with a Stabilizer; whereas, type B ammunition shoots into 4 inches at 100 yards without a Stabilizer and one inch with a Stabilizer. Bad ammunition is still bad ammunition!

2. Restore a damaged or worn out barrel. A bad barrel is a bad barrel!

3. Allow a Mini-14 to shoot bullets which are too long/heavy for the rifling twist rate.

4. Compensate for a bad rifle scope. The Gun Barrel Stabilizer cannot correct rifle scopes which have internal damage, shifting reticles, parallax, bad mounts or other conditions which prevent a consistent alignment of the sighting system relative to the gun barrel from shot to shot.

5. Achieve best performance when the fit of the rifle barrel and action to the stock can change from shot to shot. Binding of the upper handguard with the stock, or between the action and the gas block, will reduce performance. A loose fit of the stock to the gas block or action will reduce performance. When any of these conditions exist, refitting and/or glass bedding is recommended.

6. Compensate for poor bench rest technique. The Ruger Mini-14, particularly with the standard stock, can be significantly influenced by variations in support, bag friction, bag alignment, hand pressure, and cheek pressure.

7. Compensate for a bad trigger. Mini-14 triggers are often very heavy and creepy.

8. Compensate for a poor gun shot. If you cannot shoot straight, the Gun Barrel Stabilizer will not help!