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"The Clark Meltdown ™ package is the definition of a smooth, user friendly carry gun...So nice to touch!"
Custom Combat Handguns Magazine

"If the Clark Meltdown were a movie, they’d call it ‘Revenge of the Belt Sander’."
American Handgunner Magazine

"....the Meltdown has every corner contoured and blended until what’s left...is a pistol that feels like a well-used bar of soap."
Guns Magazine

"The most clever custom carry conversion of a 1911 pistol we’ve seen in a long time has just been introduced  by Clark Custom Guns."
American Handgunner Magazine

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318 949 9884
Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm CST






Standard Features
  • Trigger job w/aluminum match trigger
  • CLARK Commander hammer
  • Ed Brown tactical extended thumb safety
  • Low mounted Novak sights. 
  • Reliability package
  • Beveled Mag Well
  • Lowered ejection port
  • Ed Brown Beavertail grip safety
  • Clark Big Bushing and Reverse Plug
  • MeltdownTM - The "edgeless" dehorn job!


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    Part Number Base Gun Complete Gun Conversion on 
    customer's gun
    MD-CASP-xx Caspian Government or Commander* $2,395.00 NA
    MD-SA-45 Springfield Armory Government (Mil-Spec OR GI) NA $ 1,495.00
    MD-Colt-45 Colt 1911 GI or 1991-A1 NA $ 1,495.00
    MD-Rem-45 Remington 1911 R-1 NA $ 1,495.00
    MD-Kimber Stainless II Kimber 1911 Stainless II NA call for approval / pricing
    MD-COLT-other Colt 1911A1 Government or Commander NA call for approval / pricing
      * Specify Model 
      xx - Specify Caliber  (9mm, 38 Super, 40 S&W, 45 ACP)
           Contact us for custom quote on complete gun

      NOTE: We will not work on any gun smaller than a commander size. Full size frame / 4.25" barrel.

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     Optional Services
    Accuracy job (standard on Complete Caspian) all others... $295.00
    Clark Match Barrel (standard on Complete Caspian) all others... includes Accuracy Job $455.00
    Fiber Optic Front Sight $25.00

    Reblue complete gun
    Matte No Charge
    Brushed $ 295

    Reblue frame OR slide assembly
    Matte No Charge
    Brushed $ 150

    Hard Chrome complete gun
    Matte $ 225
    Brushed $ 395

    Hard Chrome slide assembly
    Matte $ 150
    Brushed $ 295

    Hard Chrome frame assembly
    Matte $ 125
    Brushed $ 245

    IonBond (DiamondBlack, Gray, Silver, Copper, Dark Earth)
    Complete Gun Matte $ 295 /
    Upper or Lower Assy Matte $ 195

    CeraKote (Specify Color)
    Complete Gun Matte $ 225 /
    Upper or Lower Assy Matte $ 150

    Replace writing if necessary $ 3.50 / letter (most likely on Brushed finish)
    Replace logo(s) $ 25 & up

    Ed Brown Tactical Ambidextrous thumb safety $45.00
    Full length guide rod (Clark 2 piece) $20.00
    Checker Front Strap (25 LPI) $165.00 
    Checker Front Strap (20 LPI) $125.00 
    S&A hardwood grip ............................................starting at $35.00 
    Novak Extreme Adjustable Rear Sight (plain black) $50.00
    Tritium Sight insert (single dot) $124.95
    Tritium Sight inserts (three dot) $279.95

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