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more excerpts from
Taffin's article:

What is a
.460 Rowland?

It is simply a .45 ACP case that has been stretched and strengthened. Starline is making the brass, head stamped .460 Rowland." It is .0625" longer than a .45 ACP- standard .45 ACP reloading dies work- and features a beefed up interior. It will not chamber in .45 ACP guns, nor will the .460 Rowland fit in a standard .45 ACP. Double action sixguns chambered for the .460 Rowland will accept .45 ACP rounds by using half or full moon clips. Caution! Some early 1917 revolvers are chambered straight through and they may accept .460 Rowland rounds. It would be a disaster to fire this hotrod round in these old, weak sixguns!
Preferred Platform List
CCG, Inc
336 Shootout Lane
Princeton, LA 71067
318-949-9884 phone
318-949-9829 fax
+ $ 25 fee for pin & weld comp
More excerpts from
Taffin article:

"... .44 Magnum performance in a standard sized Model 1911..."

"... The Clark Drop-in Kit features a built-in comp that works. Really works. With it in place, the felt recoil of the .460 Rowland to me is less than that of standard .45 ACP. ..."
44 Magnum Ballistics in your 1911 style pistol!!!
.460 Rowland

# CLK-165-460B
w/ Blue Comp
# CLK-165-460SS
w/ Stainless Comp
As Seen In
American Handgunner
, Johnny Rowland's Guns & Gear TV Show, Discovery Channel's Hogs Gone Wild and Shooting Times Magazine.

1911 Drop-In Comp Kits
$ 295 plus s&h ORDER NOW
318 949 9884 phone
Please Specify Government OR Enhanced/Gold Cup + Make,
Model & Firearm Material (Blue, SS or Bi-Tone) when ordering. details
(+ $ 25 to pin & weld comp for Connecticut & California residents - must specify)
Watch Jim Clark Jr install the 460 Rowland Clark 1911 Drop In Comp kit Video - Jim Clark Jr Shows you how to install the kit.
NOTE: The toll free # on the video is no longer in service.
Watch Renee Autery shoot 1911 with  the 460 Rowland Clark 1911 Drop In Comp kit Video - Renee Autery shooting 460 Rowland
460 Rowland Installation questions  and troubleshooting  trouble shooting tipsInstallation Questions + Troubleshooting
Preferred Platform list for Clark Custom Guns 460 Rowland Conversion Drop In Compensator "Comp" kitPreferred Platform List
.460 Rowland Products
Starline Brass
MORE Drop IN Comp Kit Details
Springfield Armory (pistols in stock) Call to inquire of price and availability of Springfield Armory Pistols in stock
Press / Articles
By Warren Eastland
C-More STS (Small Tactical Sight)
running on 460 Rowland Converted 1911 by Mike H
Taffin TESTS
American Handgunner Article

Taffin Article w/ Reloading Data

Real Guns Articles
.460 Rowland...Whoa Mama! Part I
460 Rowland...Whoa Mama! Part II

Reloading Information
CCG Inc. Load & Pressure Data
Hodgdon Data 1/25/08 PDF
Real Guns (requires paid subscription)
Ammo Guide Interactive
L3 Outdoors - Professional Feral Hog removal Service
Joshua White - Owner / Operator switched from his revolvers as backup sidearms to a 1911 with our .460 Kit after trying it out and seeing the stopping power combined with fast follow-up shots. Check out Josh and his wife, Krystal at work on 'Hogs Gone Wild' on the
Discovery Channel.
FAQ / Other Conversions +
Revolver Conversions
Frequently Asked Questions

Original Rowland Press Release

Brownells (Steve Ostrem)
Gun Tech: 460 Rowland Conversion

Discovery Channel Press Release (Hogs Gone Wild) Watch Hogs Gone Wild Video Clips

Order .460 Ammunition and Brass Here!
Georgia Arms Logo
185 Grain Nosler JHP @ 1550 fps
$ 44.00 / 50 rounds
Order Now!
185 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point
| (Defense Load)
@ 1400 fps (feet/second)
$ 38.00 / 50 rounds
Sold Out!
230 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point
@ 1250 feet fps
$ 47.00 / 50 rounds
Order Now!
230 Grain Hornady Jacketed Hollow Point
@ 1300 feet fps
$ 47.00 / 50 rounds
Sold Out!
Item #
Our Price
In Stock
185 JHP @ 1500 fps
$ 39.59 / 20 rounds
$ 34.95
230 JHP @ 1350 fps
$ 39.59 / 20 rounds
$ 34.95
230 FMJ-FN @ 1350 fps
$ 39.59 / 20 rounds
$ 34.95
255 Hard Cast-FN @ 1300 fps
$ 39.59 / 20 rounds
$ 34.95
BUYING LOADED AMMUNITION ... We cannot ship until we have: A copy of your driver's license or concealed handgun license verifying that you are 21 years of age or older." We need this only once by mail or fax (318-949-9829) details

Starline Brass .460 Rowland
$ 28 / 100 pieces
Sign up for our Twitter Feed to be notified Georgia Arms Ammo is back in stock.
ORDER by Phone
318 949 9884
Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm CST
Order by Fax 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year
ORDER by Fax
318 949 9829
24 Hours / 7 days
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 1911 Drop-In Comp Conversion Kit
As seen in Shooting Times Magazine.
Be the 1st at your range to convert your 1911 to this wildly popular cartridge!

Completely Assembled and Ready to drop in to your 1911 Style Handgun. Kit includes Clark stainless match grade barrel with 460 Rowland chamber, barrel bushing, barrel link, barrel link pin, 1" compensator, 2 piece full length guide rod, 20 lb and 24 lb recoil spring, extra power firing pin spring.
Preferred Platform List
Available for the following
government size 1911 style pistols . . .

Springfield Armory
Colt Government
Colt Gold Cup / Enhanced
Sig Sauer
Smith & Wesson
Remington 1911 R1
Para Ordnance Expert

Government = 5" barrel
Get Yours TODAY!
If your 1911 style pistol is not on the above list, please check out our FAQs before calling.

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Choose Blue OR Stainless Steel Compensator.
Barrel is always stainless steel.

$ 295.00 + S/H/I
ORDER 318 949 9884 Mon-Fri 8 am - 4 pm CST

NOTE: When ordering, please specify make,
model and material of your pistol

Customer Reported Game Taken
using the CLARK 460 Rowland Kit
(180 lbs taken with 1 shot - 185 grain factory load)
Cougar photo
(pictured with the Wildlife & Fisheries agent that shot it)
Moose (approx. 800 lb cow)
Deer (Whitetail and Mule)
Black Bear

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Q:What 1911 pistols do you consider the best platform for the 460 Rowland Kit?
A: The best candidates for this kit are STEEL FRAME single stack Springfield Armory(including current production GI & Mil-Spec models), Sig Sauer, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Para Ordnance, Kimber, Norinco, Dan Wesson and 1911 style 45 ACP semi-auto pistols. We prefer and recommend Blued guns over Stainless. Preferred Gun List
Q: Why does it make a difference that my gun is stainless?
A: MOST Stainless steel creates a great deal more friction than traditional blue (Chrome Moly) steel. We have found that most stainless guns will not work with the 24lb Wolff spring that we normally ship with the kits. Always try the 24 lb spring first. If it doesn't function reliably, switch to the lighter spring we've supplied. If it's still not functioning, Please call us for further assistance. Please note that many Kimber 1911s are stainless steel although they may appear to be otherwise and all Para Ordnance Expert Models are Stainless Steel.
Q:  Do you make a comp kit to fit my Colt GOLD CUP/ENHANCED model? Colt 1911 45 ACP Gold Cup Colt 1911 Enhanced Model 45 ACP
A:  YES..  The Gold Cup / Enhanced Model Colt 1911s have a slightly different barrel hood.  Please make sure to specify GOLD CUP / ENHANCED model. 
Q: I live in a state where the compensator must be permanently affixed to the barrel. Should I send my slide to you to have the kit fitted prior to permanently attaching the compensator?
A: Absolutely! The most likely outcome of buying the kit without us having your slide is a larger than necessary gap between the comp & slide.
Q:  Do you make the drop-in kit for my Para Ordnance?
A:  Sorry, we've discontinued the ramped model which fit the Para Ordnance P-14. . Good News is that Para is now making the Expert which will take our standard Kit (also fits in older GI Expert Para Ordnance)
Q:  Do you make the drop-in kit for any 1911 shorter than the government model?
A:  No: Commander (4.25" barrel) kits have been discontinued.
Q: Can I buy a .460 Rowland Conversion kit without a compensator from you?
A: No
Q:What if my drop in kit doesn't drop in?

A: Send the entire Comp Kit, your slide and $ 20 (Return Shipping & Handling) to us for a complimentary fitting by our gunsmith.
CCG Inc.
336 Shootout Lane
Princeton, LA 71067

Q:  Where can I get .460 Rowland ammo / brass?
A:  Right Here @ Clark Custom Guns Call us @ 318 949 9884 M-F 8 am - 4 pm CST to order.
Ammunition Manufacturer: Georgia Arms AND Buffalo Bore
Q: Will .460 Rowland Ammunition fit in my factory .45 ACP magazine?
A: Absolutely!
Q: Which Magazine brand do you prefer for the 460 Rowland?
A: If your factory mags aren't feeding reliably, our "goto" magazine is the 7 round Tripp... available from us @ $ 34.95.
Q: Which recoil spring should I install?
A: Always try the 24 lb spring first. If it doesn't function reliably, switch to the lighter spring we've supplied. If it's still not functioning, Please call us for further assistance.
Q: Should I install the extra power firing pin spring?
A: Asbolutely
Q: How long is the compensator?

A: 1.5"

Q: What is the overall length of the comp kit?

A: 6.5"

Q: Do you know of any holsters available for my 460 Rowland 1911 pistol? Diamond D Custom Leather Guides Choice Chest Holster

A: Yes. Diamond D Custom Leather will make a holster for you. We particularly like their Guides Choice™ Chest Holster

Q: Are there any other guns that you specifically DO NOT recommend for the 460 Rowland?
A: YES! We do not recommend this kit for installation in
  • Metro Arms American Classic
  • Armscor
  • STI Spartan
  • Tisas ZIG
  • IAI (Israeli Arms International) - We've found the top lugs in the slides of the Philipines produced 1911s to be soft! We've not tested the Israeli made guns but would recommend extreme caution.
  • Rock Island Armory
  • Auto Ordnance
  • Taurus
  • Llama
  • AMT
  • Charles Daly
  • Essex
  • Remington Rand
  • Any "GI" 1911 (pre-50s / spot heat treated)
Q: Is it safe to install the 460 Rowland Drop In 1911 Comp Kit into my older spot heat treated 1911 pistol?
A: NO! We do not recommend this kit for installation in any GI or other spot heat treated 1911s!
Please note that we will not guarantee this kit to fit or function in your Auto Ordnance, Llama, Charles Daly or AMT 1911 style pistols nor do we recommend these as platforms for the kit.
Q:Will shooting the 460 Rowland in my 1911 increase wear on my gun?
A: Any time you increase power, you will accelerate wear. For example, you would expect more wear on your revolver if you were shooting a steady diet of 357 Magnums as opposed to .38 Special loads. We've sold over 1000 of these kits with no reported stress related problems.
Q:  Will you chamber my non-compensated barrel in 460 Rowland?  OR sell a barrel only (No Compensator) in 460 Rowland?
A:   No,  the compensator is necessary to prevent damage to your 1911 pistol.
Q:  Can I still shoot 45ACP in my gun? 
A:  We do not recommend shooting .45 ACP in the 460 kit. 
Q: Do I have to buy new loading dies?
A: No. You can use your 45ACP dies to reload 460 Rowland.
Q:  Can you provide a cylinder chambered in .460 Rowland for my Smith & Wesson 25/625 or Ruger Blackhawk?
A:  No, you must currently send in your cylinder assembly to be rechambered. (Click here for more info)
Q: Can you make a general comparison between 460 Rowland & 45 Super?
A:  200 Feet Per Second faster.  460 Rowland brass is longer and supposedly more durable.  460 Rowland will NOT fit in a 45ACP chamber!!!
Install & Troubleshoot
Video (Note: Toll Free Number on Video no longer in service)
Q: Which Recoil Spring should I use with the 460 Rowland Kit?
A: You should start out with the heaviest recoil spring supplied with the kit (24 LB) wolff spring. If it's too heavy, change to the 20 lb spring also supplied with our kit.
Q: Brass is failing to completely eject / extract?
A: Try a lighter recoil spring.
Q: Should I install the Extra Power Firing Pin Spring that comes with the 460 Rowland kit?
A: Yes.
Q:What if my drop in kit doesn't drop in?

A: Send the entire Comp Kit, your slide and $ 20 (Return Shipping & Handling) to us for a complimentary fitting by our gunsmith.
CCG Inc.
336 Shootout Lane
Princeton, LA 71067

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318 949 9884
Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm CST
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