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Ruger 10/22 Stocks
Available for 22 Long Rifle OR 22 Magnum Rifles

New 10/22 Laminated Rifle Stocks

Clark Custom Guns is proud to present our very own line of quality, match grade 10/22 stocks. Whether you just want to give your factory Ruger 10/22 a face lift OR accurize a little or alot, this is the best aftermarket stock available. The fit and finish on these stocks is second to none! Get one today and see for yourself.

$ 155.00
Other Colors available by Special Order

22 Magnum   22 Long Rifle
Heritage Model   Heritage Model
CLK-710-HHBLK    .920 barrel, Black CLK-711-HHBLK   
CLK-710-HHBRN .920 barrel, Brown CLK-711-HHBRN   
CLK-710-HSBLK* Factory Contour barrel, Black CLK-711-HSBLK*
CLK-710-HSBRN* Factory Contour barrel, Brown CLK-711-HSBRN*   
Sporter Model   Sporter Model
CLK-710-SHBLK   .920 barrel, Black CLK-711-SHBLK  
CLK-710-SHBRN .920 barrel, Brown CLK-711-SHBRN   
CLK-710-SSBLK*  Factory Contour barrel, Black CLK-711-SSBLK*
CLK-710-SSBRN*  Factory Contour barrel, Brown CLK-711-SSBRN*   
*Purchase this stock to accompany our midweight barrels (+ $ 95 for Midweight Inletting) PHOTO
- Heritage OR Sporter
Colors - Black OR Brown
Inletting - Factory Contour OR .920" Bull
Material: Laminated Wood - Super Durable
Length of Pull (factory is 13.5")
Heritage - 14" * * * Sporter - 13.75"
Weight (factory is 1 lb 12 oz)
Heritage - 2 lbs 8 oz
Sporter - 2 lbs 7 oz
Clark Custom Heritage 10/22 Stock Laminate Cayenne
Heritage Cayenne Stock
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