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Race Gun

Standard Features
"Whether you need a compensated, optical-sighted racegun for Unlimited class USPSA/IPSC competition or a more conservative machine for use in Limited Class competition, the Princeton, Louisiana, shop can serve your needs."
Layne Simpson, Handgunning Magazine March/April 1997

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Standard Features 
  • Accuracy Job.
  • Trigger Job.
  • Reliability Package.
  • Sight options - Prices include installation of customer specified scope,  scope mount or sights.  Scopes, Mounts and Sights are additional.
    NOTE: Holosight style pictured on above gun is no longer available.
  • Clark Match Grade barrel and 7 Port Cone style compensator
  • Beavertail Grip Safety
  • Combat hammer.
  • Extended thumb safety
  • Stippled front strap (single stack 1911 only).